Robotic Imaging System

A high-performance platform for a new comprehensive imaging methodology that, thanks to the integration of imaging technologies on six-axis robotic arms , gives imaging the possibility of enormous flexibility. It is able to combine several imaging techniques, such as X-rays, computed tomography, ultrasound, etc., enabling 2D and 3D scanning in one system, but at the same time offering easy processing and evaluation of the results. The unique technology uses a new generation of fully digital X-ray detectors providing unprecedented image quality with a high resolution of 50 µm in large-area scans. Currently, it is fully applied in industry and art, but a version for medicine is also being worked on, which has the potential to enable, for example, computed tomography for examinations that are not commonly used today.

Robotic imaging system-industry 4.0

RadalyX in industry

Removing barriers for Non-destructive testing and diagnostics.

Robotic imaging system-art

RadalyX in art

Spectral or color imaging provides valuable information to authenticate works of art.

Robotic imaging system-preclinic studies

RadalyX in preclinic studies

The high resolution and high sensitivity of the detectors enables to recognize different types of materials (tissue).