Meet RadalyX - robotic X-ray CT

re-medical transfers years of research and extensive experience in photon counting and robotics into the medical sector. A revolutionary robotic CT scanner has excellent potential to be applied in areas of medical examinations that are not commonly used today. The integration of imaging technologies on six-axis robotic arms gives imaging enormous flexibility. This unique technology uses a new generation of cutting-edge photon-counting X-ray imaging detectors. It provides unprecedented image quality with a spatial resolution of 50µm using newly developed methods.
This imaging platform can combine several imaging techniques enabling 2D and 3D scanning in one system but simultaneously offers easy processing and evaluation of results.
Currently, it is fully applied in industry and art through our sister companies. We aim to bring this technology into the medical field as we believe that photon counting & robotics are the future of medical imaging.

State-of-art technology solving many of the issues associated with the conventional techniques.

Fully portable CT

The combination of cuting-edge imaging technologies with a pair of robots creates a flexible robotic imaging platform.

Combination of imaging techniques

Modularity allows integration of several tools into one machine.
2D and 3D scanning in one system.

Real-time imaging 

Full control over the position and viewing angle of the X-ray image.
Easy processing and evaluation of the results.

Current applications of RadalyX

Project Name
  • RadalyX in Industry
  • The World´s only CT that goes to the sample. 
  • Removing NDT barriers for composites and light materials.
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Project Name
  • RadalyX in Art
  • Material-sensitive X-ray radiography. 
  • Color imaging provides valuable information of works of art.
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Project Name
  • RadalyX in Preclinical studies
  • The high resolution and high sensitivity of the detectors enables to recognize different types of materials (tissue).
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Possibility of examinations that are not commonly used today!

ThyroPIX Project

Project Name


New generation camera for thyroid gland and small organs imaging by nuclear medicine methods.

The main goal is development of the mobile robotic gamma camera of new generation for thyroid gland imaging by the nuclear medicine methods.